Sunglasses in Port Charlotte

Sunglasses in Port Charlotte

Designer Sunglasses in Port Charlotte

At Optical Outlets our sunglasses in Port Charlotte are made for the shade! Our wide, luxurious range of designer sunglasses offer the best in UV Protection. Our highly trained vision experts can work with you to help choose the sunglasses that suit you best, taking each patient’s face shape, visual needs and lifestyle into consideration.

Designer sunglasses in Port Charlotte are popular with many of our patients at Optical Outlets. We recommend wearing sunglasses to help combat UV rays that can damage the eyes and cause problems like cataracts. Cataracts are a clouding of the lens in the eye that can cause blurry vision and vision loss. Cataracts happen due to age but can also happen after some types of eye injury or from medications. Symptoms of cataracts include blurry vision, dulled colors and trouble seeing at night, and obstruction of vision due to blurriness. Trouble seeing close up, reading and performing everyday tasks can also happen. Cataract surgery involves replacing the old, clouded lens with a new artificial lens to restore vision and quality of life. Cataract surgery is quick, painless and easy now thanks to advances in the field of cataract surgery. Patients over the age of 40 should especially come in each year, as cataracts usually start at more advanced stages.

Our prescription designer sunglasses in Port Charlotte can be done same day on site, so patients never have to wait for their glasses. Sometimes vision changes can happen in the course of a year, and if the prescription is wrong or needs updating, it can cause headaches or eye strain. We recommend patients come in once a year to renew their prescription and to have an annual exam at one of our amazing locations throughout Florida. We have been serving the Florida state for many years with incredible eye care.

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