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Kids Eye Care in Port Charlotte

Port Charlotte Kids Eye Care

If you are looking for an excellent pediatric optometrist who can provide your child with excellent vision care, you should visit us at Optical Outlets. At our optical store we offer the highest level of kids eye care in Port Charlotte.

Kids Eye Care in Port Charlotte

During your child’s pediatric eye exam, here she will be screened for many common pediatric vision problems which can include amblyopia, congenital cataracts, strabismus, or nearsightedness. Your child will remain perfectly comfortable during his or her exam which will be performed by a pediatric optometrist. One of the most common vision problems found in children is strabismus. Strabismus is also commonly referred to as cross eyes. In this eye condition, both eyes do not look at the same object together. This is because the different muscles of the eyes do not work together. With this problem, one eye will look at one object straight on while the other eye may turn in a different direction and even focus on a different object. This causes two different images to be sent to the brain, and the brain may learn to ignore the image from the weaker eye.

Strabismus is a common condition found in children, and can be treated. However, it is easier to treat the sooner it is diagnosed in your child. Strabismus can also be caused later in life. A child can be born with congenital cataracts. These can be easily diagnosed during a pediatric eye exam. If they are found, your child will most likely be sent to a pediatric ophthalmologist for kids eye care in Port Charlotte. Amblyopia is another common childhood vision problem, which is often called lazy eye. Our optometrist will be able to treat your child for this condition. Nearsightedness is also a common vision problem of children, which can be easily treated.

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