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Optometrist in Port Charlotte

Optometrist in Port Charlotte

Dry eyes in Port Charlotte

Here at Optical Outlets, we offer an array of valuable eye care services, including in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes, which are associated with discomfort and a noticeable, though temporary, affect on your vision.

The cause of dry eyes is that you are either not producing a sufficient amount of tears or they are of poor quality. Some of the symptoms that are typical in such cases are red eyes, sensitivity to light, tired eyes, discomfort while wearing your contact lenses, and blurry vision, especially when you are looking at a screen for a significant amount of time. Exposure to smoke and wind can make the symptoms more severe. In addition to a complete eye examination at our office, our optometrist in Port Charlotte may also conduct specific tests to determine the volume of your tears and the composition of them as a way of determining quality. Fortunately, most instances of dry eyes can be addressed effectively with artificial tears. This treatment is in the form of eye drops that you administer as needed. They can be purchased at your local drug store, but depending on how severe your dry eyes are, you may need a stronger version. If so, our optometrist in Port Charlotte can prescribe it for you. There are also measures you can take when it comes to your lifestyle and environment that have a positive effect on your dry eyes. Wear eyeglasses or sunglasses outside on windy days and avoid smoke when possible. If your dry eyes keep recurring in spite of treatment and adjustments made, other options can be discussed.

Our optometrist in Port Charlotte wants to offer you the relief you need from dry eyes. Simply reach out to our office and we can set up a convenient and prompt appointment for you to come in.

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